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September 10, 2008


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This is a random post, just a warning. Water is what we need to survive, for other things to survive, and more. No one really knows what water was made of, or where it came from, its just… here. When someone or something touches water, it becomes “wet” but what is wet? To me, “wet” is a state of mind, where your mind just imagines what water feels like against you. This is my first random post, so please leave random comments too.


September 8, 2008

My thoughts on… Halo Wars

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Halo Wars is a game that is coming out in 09. This game is different then the other Halo games, it is a strategy game unlike the first-person-shooter game. And unlike the other games, it takes place not on earth, nor on Halo, it takes place on a planet called “Harvest” and it was when the Spartan II project was taking place. So in this game you will be either the covenent or the marines, (flood is unkown) you build a base, train units, tell them where to go and what to attack, everything else im unsure of. This game will be for the Xbox 360 for sure, but the pc? possibly. So if you enjoy the halo series, you should get it when it comes out, i know i will.

September 5, 2008

Linkin Park

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Linkin Park is a band that i’ve listened while growing up (and i still am). I think i listened to them when i was… 7 maybe? I dont know much of they’re albums, but the songs that i’ve heard, are epic! So far i only have two albums total, but who knows, i might get more, or i might not. I’m not sure who else likes LP, but if they do, then they’re my friend. So thats my thoughts on LP, leave any questions in the comments.

September 4, 2008

My thoughts on… Fable 2

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Fable 2 is the sequal to the previous game of Fable and Fable: the lost chapters.  This game is just like the other games, only its set in the more future then in Fable. You start as a boy or girl and something happens to your character, then your character grows up, you get a dog, and off with your adventures! You can do almost anything in this game, get married, have kids, get a house, whatever! And theres a feature where you can play with other people via xbox live. Throughout this game, there will be choices, lots of choices, pending on what you pick, you can be a good character, or an evil character. I will have more information when it comes out, or when i get it.

September 3, 2008

My thoughts on… Spore

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Spore is a new game that is coming out very soon. It involves creating a creature, and go throughout its whole evolution. You start as a tiny little cell in a tide pool. Then you evolve into a creature and eat whatever your creature eats. Then when you find many of the same creatures, it changes into a mode called “Tribal”, where your creatures are now a tribe and you can make huts and other buildings. Then when you conqour or befriend the other tribes, you become a civilization. Then when you wipe out the competition, you become one big space ship, and go out to space, visit other planets, blow them up, create new ones, whatever you want. And during the whole game, you can customize everything! From creatures, to terrain, to flora, to vehicles, and to space ships. All in all, i give this a game a 7 out of 5.

September 2, 2008

First Day of School

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My first day at school was fairly boring to tell the truth. The only good thing about it is that i know some people in all of my classes, which has its ups and downs. There was one thing where you had to write stuff about yourself (i.e name, birthdate, ect.) i had to write it a total of two times, which for me is a lot. Although i got a class called: Study skills, its where i can get help on everything a ninth grader should need, but i like it so i can finish my homework. Today was a short day for me, since i had to stay home half the day, but now i can finish my day at home.

My First Post

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Huzzah! My first post… not that exciting… the only reason i’m still doing this is that i am forced to write to improve my writing skills for my school. So my thoughts on this site, i don’t know, it seems normal.

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