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February 18, 2009

The Sims games

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The Sims is a simulator game, only you control little cartoon people. You get to choose what they do, when they eat, go to the bathroom, take a shower, entertain themselves, everything. But depending if you want your sims to suffer, YOU CAN! they might not last long, but hey, anything can happen. Yours sims CAN start from a baby, go to a kid, to a teenager. to an adult, then to an elder. Your sims have aspiratations, they want to do stuff in their life depending upon their aspiration. So thats pretty much it, you control little people through their life. “Live or Die, make the choice…”


February 16, 2009

Dead Space

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Dead Space is a survival, horror, action, shooter game. It takes place on a ship in deep space called the USG Ishimura. There was a discovery of a “holy relic” which then released an alien race whcih takes over the bodies of humans. You play as Isaac, a miner who has come to repair the Ishimura. Armed only with mining tools, Isaac has to fight his way out of this death trap… or will he? (Dun dun duuuun…)

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