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September 22, 2008

The Tyranids

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The Tyranids are aliens that were made for only to devour. They came from unknown space to travel around the universe in hive ships to drain life from planets. They have many forms, sizes, and types. The one that will be seen most often is the Termagaunts and Hormagaunts, one having ranged bio-weapons, the other with viscious scythes. Another troop would be the warriors, these are like the super gaunts, they are almost humaniod only they have six joints, two of them holding a bigger gun, and the other two melee weapons. The size difference to a gaunt would be half the size as a full grown male, and the warriors, twice as big. They gaunts and warriors can be supported by either a Zanthrope or a Biovore, a Zanthrope is a creature with a large mental cappacity, being able to shoot out “mind blast’s”. The Biovore is a large gorilla like creature, with a large cannon on its back, through that cannon they can launch living bombs called Spore mines, where they find a living person and detonate. Then in the skies, you have “Gargoyles” which are almost like a Termagaunt, only with wings. If you wish to learn about “the hive” read about them…


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